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Self-Mastery: The Time Paradox

Titian, "Allegorie der Zeit"

Titian, "Allegorie der Zeit"

If you don’t learn how to use time better, someday day you will realize the truth of Shakespeare’s quote, “I wasted time, and now time doth waste me.” Do you wisely use time or does it slip away from you, like trying to hold water in your hands?

The other day, I spent on hour with a organization president who was leaving the organization to go on to new and better things. What was so sad about the conversation, was that 80% of it was about the past, there was almost nothing about the future. This is the case with many, while living in the present they keep reliving the past; and so, in effect, have no future.

To discover whether you have a present, past or future orientation, take this free assessment at:

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Below is a one-hour lecture by Philip Zimbardo, a true giant in the field of psychology. By listening, you will discover the details on seven major time orientations: 2 about the past, 3 from the present, and two about the future.

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Sunday, October 25th, 2009 Self-Mastery

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