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Increased Materialism Creates Relationship Problems

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The fundamental assumption underlying many commercials is that owning things makes you psychologically better off. But does it? Actually, materialism tends to introduce more problems in relationships according to an article in the LA Times.

According to the study authors, “Using 1,734 married couples, we developed a typology of couple materialism to investigate how congruent and incongruent patterns of materialism between spouses influence marital outcomes. We found that materialism had a negative association with marital quality, even when spouses were unified in their materialistic values. Marriages in which both spouses reported low materialism were better off on several features of marital quality when compared to couples where one or both spouses reported high materialism. Previous research has shown that spousal materialism is negatively associated with marital satisfaction. However, researchers have yet to determine if this association is due to value differences between spouses or if materialism is problematic even when partners place a similar priority on money and material goods. ”

So, if you want to create some happiness, don’t go for those into materialism. Of course, this may be difficult to impossible to really do. In every relationship, one or the other has got to have the latest boy toy or the most up-to-date fashion artifact. Of course, a truly materialistic spouse is never, ever satisfied with what they have . The house always has to be upgraded, or the car has to be a one-up from what the neighbor has.

So the first step in this change process is to understand that the possession of material objects is rarely related to happiness. And while we may get some satisfaction with it, this often declines with time until we can’t find a space to hide it in closets and garages.


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What One Expects In a Great Boss

One sees it over and over, large corporations are really not the good at choosing the next CEO. And in fact, it seems that some formerly great companies have become very good at putting the wrong person into the big chair. All of us no doubt have our own pet reasons why that is. One of mine is that interviews are an extremely poor method of predicting job performance. This article lists seven must have traits (notice, one is not getting an MBA or a JD.) Many of these are traits of personality.

• Integrity
• Passion
• Courage
• Vision
• Judgement
• Emotional intelligence
• Empathy

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