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In leadership, you can’t just know, you must also do. And to do, you must develop skills. Methods include:

 The Legacee Academy. Discover a number of leadership skill-based learning programs. Concentrations include:

The Skill to Building Skills. If you want to get good fast, focus on skill-based learning.

Transformational Leadership. Great men and woman tend to be transformational. Also discover more about charisma and visionary leadership.

Leadership Foundations. The basic skills needed for a new supervisor and team leaders.

12 Essential Verbal Skills. Universities teach you how to write, not to unleash the magic in the voice.

Practical Motivation TechniquesAfter all, if someone can’t motivate behavior, they can be a boss, but not a leader. 

About LegaceePrime. Membership has it’s privileges. Explore our on-line member community. Join for free as a Guest or explore various membership levels.

About Legacee. Find out more about the organization, partnership levels, how to get involved, internships, etc.

Products. Discover assessments, eBooks and curriculum your can purchase for live training.

Live Services. Book founder speeches and discover more about  coaching,

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Find out more about the theory of skill building and the nature of leadership. After all, if you don’t know it, you can’t do it. The content is easy to read, packed with  with lots of beautiful pictures and memorable quotes.

Build the Skill of Skill Development. Got skills? Do you know how to development them? If you can’t say yes, look over this material.

The Path of Mastery.  In a competitive world, it doesn’t pay to be second best. Strive for mastery—always.

Skills At Work. People that succeed know what skills to build.  They know what skills they need to develop to play the role. Do you?

4 Core Competencies of Transformational Leaders. Transformational leaders should focus on effort in these areas if they are to change and change others. 

Leadership Styles. Flexible leaders adapt their style to the situation. Find out more about the key styles you should have.

The Way of The  Hero. The nature of their challenge; the importance of their journey; why you should be one.

On Great Founders. What b-schools professors should tell entrepreneurs but don’t. 

Potpourri. Lots of fun things such as jokesquotesdefinitionsgreat speechestraits, and leadership movies too.

Leadership Skill Development