Learning Skills: A Quick Guide



Many know but cannot do. They are experts without skill — song birds that can’t sing. Find your voice by discovering how to get good at skill building. These four articles provide the necessary foundations for to the fundamental nature of the opportunity and the challenge of skill building.

Four Powerful Skill Building Models

Before you can do, you must know. Get a strategic view of key skill building models—ones you can use as a foundation to taking action.

Seven Reasons Skills Don’t Get Developed

 Learning is not just about getting an “A”. In fact, according to Google, a high GPA is not correlated with success in business and is not considered as relevant in hiring. More than just theory, they want to know if you have skills. Discover why many don’t.

Five Must Know Guidelines For Skill Building

What’s a skill builder to do? Here are six principles to keep in mind when skill building. 

Eight Online Classes To Accelerate Learning New Skills

You might become complacent and think, “Well, I got my degree so why worry? Of course, you can act like the ostrich with your head in the sand but you might wake-up one day and you have been replaced by an intelligent machine.

Develop Application Skills

 This video presents an overview of the Dual Track—a learning method used to develop skills.


As the name implies, application skills are the skill-sets where you apply the methods process to more quickly move toward mastery. Skill development in this area include such as:

 Communication. The one skill you really need to get good at. This is more than just have a good vocabulary to for a stellar SAT score. The 12 verbal skills are divided into

Interpersonal Communication. It takes 6 skills to influence face-to-face.

Leadership Communication. Essentially, six techniques that work in groups from small to large.

Motivation. After all, if you can’t motivate, your ability to lead is seriously compromised

Leadership Skill Development