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Short Bio Murray Johannsen  

Founder & Business Owner

    • Legacee is an organization that grows talent. We focus on two complementary service lines:  leadership development especially transformational leadership,  and the paradigm of the Great Founder.
    • For those who wish to be transformational leaders, they must focus on four key competences:
      • Developing a Transformational Mind-set
      • The Skill of Skill Building
      • Exercising Social Influence, and
      • Striving Toward Self-Mastery.
    • It’s not about grades, it about learning practical knowledge, that increases understanding to build skills you can apply. To do this, we use different learning methods such as: full classes (both live and online), short courses, short programs, blended courses, coaching, training and even group facilitation.
    • Also, business owners have to be transformational leaders or their organizations don’t grow. You might say, job 1 is not finding the money or doing a business plan, it is getting an entrepreneur to evolve into a Great Founder. This is a different paradigm to success, one not taught in the business schools.
    • You can also say, that unlike many professors who teach teach what they can’t to, I understand how to start a business from scratch, avoid the heart break of failure, and grow it bigger.

Experienced Adjunct Professor

  • The  best way to learn something is to teach it. Murray Johannsen has been fortunate to teach for a number of high quality universities in America (UCLA) and Asia (Korea University, Seoul) for over 20 years now.
  • Online and live areas of Murray’s teaching include:
    • Management,
    • Psychology,
    • Marketing (Entrepreneurial and Digital)
    • Entrepreneurship (For profit and social), and
    • Leadership
  • Legacee uses Moodle as it’s learning management system,  but Murray Johannsen also uses Blackboard, Sakai, and Canvas.


Murray finds short programs fun to do since you can pack humor and jokes into them. Mr. Johannsen  currently has four stump speeches — something right for all types of audiences.

Skill Mapping: How to Define the Skills You’ll Need for Future Success

The Quest of Heroes: Succeeding as a Transformational Leader

Building the Skills of Building Skills

Tough as Nails: Mental Toughness and Succeeding at Success

The Great Founder Paradigm: What’s Not Taught in the b-Schools

Content Developer

 Mr. Johannsen  serves as a subject matter expert for a number of courses to: create content; design assignments and exercises; develop quizzes and tests; and then create rubrics.

Have even gone to producing videos to a YouTube channel called LegaceePrime.


Murray regularly contributes to social media outlets such as:


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Mr. Johannsen is currently  publishing eBooks delving into the development of exceptional transformational leaders and Great Founders. The first in the series is on “Skill Mapping ” — a six-step process to define work future work roles and the skills needed to play them

These aren’t boring black and white texts, they include beautiful embedded images of paintings from European masters, videos, and links to articles and videos. Plus, you get carefully curated quotes form the really smart ones.

Asian Experience

    • Murray Johannsen has been to Asia many times, having presented leadership programs in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and China.
    • This led to understanding the critical differences such as Eastern and Western thinking, the need to consider cross-cultural values, and even adapts jokes and stories to the audience.


  • Truly, Murray Johannsen has spent way too much time in a library, studying mostly and sleeping (sometimes). This led to getting three degrees:
    • B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Iowa
    • MBA from the University of Iowa, Iowa City
    • Master’s of Liberal Arts in Psychology from Harvard University

Leadership Skill Development