Leadership Curriculum For Purchase or License in Training

All trainers need the right set of tools, whether it is a leadership curriculum for people or a stick for turtles.

Osman Hamdi Bey (1842–1910): The Tortoise Trainer



You can purchase or license leadership training curriculum in: verbal skills, supervisory skills, running meetings, operational problem solving, and applied motivation.

You can always have one of our professionals present training programs for you. But it may also make sense to access the training materials for your own use. Crafting visually pleasing overheads for a one-hour presentation can easily take between five and ten hours of work. And that’s not counting the time it takes to make the visuals come alive with a great stories, pertinent examples, and relevant facts. You have two major access options.

The Buy Option 

For Professors, Speakers and Coaches. This is the most affordable plan. Content is sold “as is” on a module by module basis. It’s just like buying a book. This is perfect for individuals who are speaking to audiences where there is no need for handouts. This option also works well for online or live coaching when you want to quickly share the knowledge needed to develop particular skills.

Licensing Options

Build-in Customization. This gives you more flexibility still. For example, we can insert your company logo and change the order of slides. You can have content removed or reordered. You can also have us add slides that you create to the slide deck. However, it’s important that the integrity of copyrights be maintained.

Extensive  Customization. Based on a needs analysis and an agreed set of learning outcomes, we will together come up with a course of training tailored to your needs.

The Train the Trainer Option

Presenting a new curriculum is never easy, but it can be made easier by having our instructors model the presentation for you. This is especially the case with exercises or assignments which often need to be experienced to be able to be presented properly

Available Leadership Curriculum

Knowledge is stored in many mediums.
Knowledge is stored in many mediums.

Legacee’s content base consists of over 1900 pages of overheads.  We don’t believe that in the one size fits all approach and have modularized the content to allow easy selection. 

Choose What you Need and CONTACT US for more details.

Major series include:

Word Magic: Interpersonal Communication Skills (6 modules).

The focus is on those moments of truth between two individuals, when you use your verbal and nonverbal communication skills to influence. 

Leadership and Supervisory Skills (21 modules).

Being a great supervisor is surprisingly difficult. There are a number of interpersonal and management skills you must learn.

Operational Problem Solving (6 modules).

Managers need to be problem solvers so executives can be decision makers. There’s a great deal of truth to this saying, “If your only tool is hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”  This training gives you both a process to follow and a set of necessary mental tools. 

Running Masterful Meetings (4 modules).

Meetings are events where minutes are kept and hours are lost. Despite their importance, most managers do NOT know how to run good meetings. Consequently, lots of time and money is lost— everyday.

Turning Groups Into High Performing Teams (16 modules).

Sounds easy, call them a team and they will act like one. However, it just doesn’t work the way. It requires a great understanding of a number of complex skills.

Performance Management & Motivation (4 modules).

The secrets to performance are to understand your ABCs: antecedents, behavior and consequences. These Legacee training programs are based on the the theory of operant conditioning, one of the most powerful motivational paradigms in psychology.

Leadership Communication Skills (6 modules).

Certain communication skills work at the group level. So rather than influencing an individual, you work on the group as a whole.

For more information, you can access the modules descriptions for each of these series above. 

The Structure of the Training Curriculum

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The leadership curriculum has been designed with the audience in mind. Content is provided in Acrobat .pdf format to better provide cross-platform compatibility. Keep in mind that it is designed to:

Usable in Many Different Environments

The content has been honed and refined through years of delivery to government agencies and to service and manufacturing companies. Types of audiences range from assembly line workers to physicians.

Hold Audience Attention

We wrap practical theory in an envelope of color and pictures to better hold the audience’s attention. Content also has quotes and stories to add an element of delight to the delivery equation. You won’t find  text with cryptic word bullets, complex box models and unreadable info graphics. 

Work with Web Based Materials

The organization also maintains a database of high quality articles, and has a number of online learning courses to further increase individual knowledge.

Enable Customization

We have never believed that leadership training has one size that fits all. Different organizations have different curriculum needs when it comes to supervisor training for example.

Work as Part of Talent Management Systems

Organizations that use competency models will find that curriculum that lends itself to learning taxonomies and skill-based coaching.

Training Module Structure

Leadership Skill Development