8 Online Courses in Skill Development


Since the current educational system pays little attention to building skills, you can get an edge if you make it a priority. Get an edge by learning how to convert theory into application.

Key Outcomes

As a result of the program you will:

• Become an expert in the three major phases of the Skill Building Model.

• Practice using, rehearsing and applying four Mastery Practices.

• Discover the classic, and timeless skill-based learning theories used in coaching and social psychology.

• Get good at differentiating between theory you can apply and theory you can’t.

Each module is one-week unless you are on a coaching program, which is normally done on a two-week cycle. Each course consists of 4 modules to six modules so it takes four to twelve-weeks to get through a course.

The Skill Development Course Curriculum

Skill Development Overview. The essential elements to being able to more quickly grow application skills.


Online Courses in Skill-Based Learning

Skill-Based Theory. Most theory is too abstract, complex or just plain doesn’t work as a way of building skills. Discover key cognitive and behavioral learning theories and what can (and cannot) be practiced.

1. Skill-Based Theory


What Works and What Doesn’t

Everything needs a strong foundation. One must first know before you can do.

Skill Development Course Modules

1. The 3 Most Important Behavioral Learning Theories in Psychology.

2: The Major Cognitive Learning Models

3: How To Screen For Valid Skill-Based Theory that you can turn into a skill.

4: The Must Know Phases of The Legacee Skill Model

Skill-Based Practice. Most people waste both time and effort in unskilled practice. Discover how to incorporate mental practice into physical rehearsal. Doing so makes accelerates the effect of real world practice.

2. Skilled Practice

Skill_Modelv1The Roadmap to Mastery

Only perfect practice makes perfect skills.

Only perfect practice makes perfect skills.

Online Course Modules

1. Uncover the Secrets of Effective Physical and Mental Practice

2. Shape Your Practice: Classic Techniques to Use For Insightful Reflection and Valuable Feedback

3. Accelerating Your Practice — Fire-up Motivation: Techniques and theories You Need to Know

4: Skill Building Practice: Applying What You Know

Online Courses in the Mastery Practices

3. The Art of Reflection, How to Learn From Practice and Experience

Click to find out more on this Short Course, "How To Use The Art of Reflection," Image by Mila Zink ova
Click to find out more on this Short Course, “How To Use The Art of Reflection,”
Image by Mila Zink ova
Learning reflection is easy from the theory side. But it requires self-discipline to build the habit.

Key Take Aways

  • How It Can be Used:
  • The Importance of Reflection
  • How To Apply Four Different Types of Reflection
  • Practice by Doing


4. Practical Meditation: Learning It, Using it, Perfecting ItMastery_Meditation_Girl_Out_of_Cage
Meditation has many, many benefits besides making the other mastery practices work better. 

Online Class Learning Modules

1. Meditations Impact and Benefits on Both the Mind and Body.

2. Five pitfalls to Avoid: Prevent reduced effectiveness.

3. Seven Practical Techniques to Quickly Access Meditation Sate.

4. Practice and Reflection: Mastering the Kuan Yin Technique

5. Powerful Thought: Enhancing Performance With Self-TalkMastery_Practices_Scribbling_Thoughts_into_the_Wind

How we think typically determines who successful we are.

Skill Development Course Modules

1. Course Overview: The Benefits of Improving Your Performance With Self-Talk

2. Better Beliefs: Identifying Empowering and Limiting Views

3: Cognitive Restructuring: Reducing The Impact of Negative Thinking

4: Skill Building Practice and Reflection


6. Sharpening The Minds Eye: How To Construct Potent ImageryMastery_Practice_Imagery

Visualization is a key tool — one essential for learning most skills. After all, if you can see, you can do it.

Online Course Skill Development Modules

1: Vision to Dreams: Types of Imagery Used by the Mind

2: How To Construct Powerful Goal Imagery

3: How to Practice: The Secrets of Using Process Imagery

4: Skill Building Practice and Reflection


7. The Psychology of Mindfulness

Mastery_ PracticeJoggle

Online Course Learning Modules

  1. Life on Automatic: The Perils of Mindlessness
  1. Get an Edge: The Benefits of Mindfulness
  1. Be Aware: Overcoming the Limitations of Attention
  1. Mindfulness Practices


The Capstone Skill Development Course

8. Applying Mastery Practices to An Application Skill

Skill_ Practice_The_Fair_Toxophilites_William_Powell_Frith_RAMM

Online Class Learning Modules:

1. Define Your Theory Set & Practice Plan. Choice of good theory is a really important step. Bad theory, like poor practice, results in skills not learned.

 2. Skilled Practice. This is really a process you use that improves each time it’s run.

3. Lessons Learned. At the end of practice, one needs to step back and take an entire look at the what occurred.

4. Define Your Future Skills. Personal improvement never stops. Should never stop. It needs to be a habit. Plan your next moves.

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