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Short Bio Murray Johannsen  

Founder & Business Owner

    • Legacee is an organization that grows talent. We focus on two complementary service lines:  leadership development especially transformational leadership,  and the paradigm of the Great Founder.
    • For those who wish to be transformational leaders, they must focus on four key competences:
      • Developing a Transformational Mind-set
      • The Skill of Skill Building
      • Exercising Social Influence, and
      • Striving Toward Self-Mastery.
    • It’s not about grades, it about learning practical knowledge, that increases understanding to build skills you can apply. To do this, we use different learning methods such as: full classes (both live and online), short courses, short programs, blended courses, coaching, training and even group facilitation.
    • Also, business owners have to be transformational leaders or their organizations don’t grow. You might say, job 1 is not finding the money or doing a business plan, it is getting an entrepreneur to evolve into a Great Founder. This is a different paradigm to success, one not taught in the business schools.
    • You can also say, that unlike many professors who teach teach what they can’t to, I understand how to start a business from scratch, avoid the heart break of failure, and grow it bigger.

Experienced Adjunct Professor

  • I was once told that the  best way to learn something is to teach it. This individual has been fortunate to teach for a number of high quality universities in America (UCLA) and Asia (Korea University, Seoul) for over 20 years now.
  • Online and live areas of teaching include:
    • Management,
    • Psychology,
    • Entrepreneurship, and
    • Leadership
  • Legacee uses Moodle as it’s learning management system,  but have also used Blackboard, Sakai, and Canvas.


I find the short programs fun to do, and you can pack humor and jokes into them. There currently have four stump speeches that are given  for all types of audiences.

• Map Your Path: Becoming a Great Transformational Leader

• The Great Founder Paradigm: What’s Not Taught in the B-Schools

• Tough as Nails: Mental Toughness and Succeeding at Success

• Mastering the Action Cycle: Better Execution for Better Results

Content Developer

  •  And the best way to understand if you understand it, is write about it. Have served as a subject matter expert for a number of courses to: create content; design assignments and exercises; develop quizzes and tests; and then create rubrics.
  • Have even gone to producing videos to a YouTube channel called LegaceePrime.


    • Regularly contributes to social media outlets such as: Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.
    • Publishing a series of eBooks delving into the development of exceptional transformational leaders and Great Founders. The first in the series is called, “For a Change.” The second is called, “Mastering the Action Cycle.”
    • These aren’t so much black and white text, they include embedded images, videos, widgets, and links. Publishes via major distribution channels such as Apple’s iTunes and iBooks.

Asian Experience

    • Murray Johannsen has been to Asia many times, having presented leadership programs in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and China.
    • This led to understanding the critical differences such as Eastern and Western thinking, the need to consider cross-cultural values, and even adapts jokes and stories to the audience.


  • Truly, this individual spent way too much time in a library, studying mostly and sleeping sometimes. But this led to getting three degrees:
    • B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Iowa
    • MBA from the University of Iowa, Iowa City
    • Master’s of Liberal Arts in Psychology from Harvard University

Leadership Skill Development

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