Why Learn Digital Marketing

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With this digital marketing concentration you can:

Enhance Your Brand — Develop a Following

Devise a Business Model — Develop New Income Streams

Get One Giant Step Closer to Financial Independence

One this page you will find:

Why Digital Marketing Makes Sense

Minimizing Your Financial Risk

Major Opportunities You Can Pursue

Why Digital Marketing Makes Sense

But the real world stresses influence, human relationships and interpersonal communication skills. Image by: rozeek.pk


To prosper this century you have to develop expertise and skills you can’t learn in the universities.

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There are many of these types of skill-sets. Unfortunately, the disconnect between what’s taught at universities and what corporations and governments want will undoubtedly continue. 

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But the focus here concerns a skill-set known as Digital Marketing. Why you might ask? First, all business models require marketing. And marketing without digital marketing is not going to work in the 21st Century. Secondly, we rarely find college students  competent in the digital marketing skill-sets. 

Access: Hot Marketing Skills. Can you do these things? Can your employees?

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So the question becomes, where do you find these skills if you want to build them? 

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What to do? You can:

  1. Take public online classes as they come up. Not a bad way to fill in expertise gaps if the timing works.

2. Be more systematic. Take a concentration and become a an expert in multiple areas of the digital marketing field. It’s about practical real world theory that develops your ability to:

  • Generate revenues,
  • Uncover qualified leads,
  • Get people to show up.

3. You can also explore whether a Legacee digital marketing internship might be right for you. It consists of classes without grades (managers and executives could care less) but you get to apply what you know — and that makes all the difference when ti comes to generating revenue for yourself. 

Act Now

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You get access to hottest online courses needed. These are classes you typically cannot find in the b-schools. These are classes that employers want. These are classes you want if you are going to have a business.

Minimizing Financial Risk: Establish Your Plan B

Diversify Your Income.

If you were an investor in stocks, classic theory says you would never put all your money in one stock, diversification being the wiser course of action. Having a personal brand gives you the potential for income diversification.

Yet, most people fail to diversify their income streams having just one source and no fall back position if that stream dries up. That may make sense if you work for government, but it makes no sense if you work for the private sector. One should always have a plan B

Enhance Entrepreneurial Success.

The same strategy applies to entrepreneurs. A strong personal brand helps scale the enterprise and opens up crowdfunding as a means for finding start-up capital. An entrepreneur should not be a beggar. Yet, that’s what you become after you spend 200 hours developing an investor quality business plan then farming it to “angels” and VCs who often don’t bother to even read it.  

How to Use Digital Marketing to Drive Toward Opportunity

Before social media, there was only the corporate brand. Still, a few people in industries like entertainment or publishing were able break out and establish their own following. Then came the social media side of the Internet and everything changed.

Today with digital marketing you can establish your own following. And one you have a large enough following, you can develop income streams. For example, you can:

  • Drive traffic to your ecommerce website,
  • Crowdfund a product or service,
  • Get paid for you expertise
  • Find brand sponsors as an Influencer,
  • Generate residual income,
  • Offer digital products,
  • Do gig work, etc.
  • Find high qualty projects


Leadership Skill Development