The Curriculum For The Entrepreneurial Digital Marketing Program

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Why Choose This Track?

The primary focus of this curriculum track of digital marketing allows entrepreneurially minded individuals to:

Enhance your personal brand.

Develop high paying digital marketing skill-sets necessary to do gig work.

Quickly develop a network and the business model necessary to generating  income.

Fund a business through crowdfunding.

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Why Learn Digital Marketing

Unique Elements To This Program

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The Prerequisite

You can’t get good at marketing if you don’t understand the basics. It’s like trying to build a house without a foundation.  important if one desired to refresh ones knowledge of marketing or if you never have been exposed to marketing as a discipline. The essential ideas do not change no matter what tech tools one uses.

Skill Mapping 

We sometimes think that for many, a career is journey in which most people are lost. In today’s world you can do about anything you want, but you have to know what you want and how to get there.


Given that you have a network and a business model, you are ready for the great leap forward, getting investment capital to kick start a business. It’s a funding pool equal fast approaching the money raised from venture capitalists. Plus, you don’t have to give away stock. But you do have to get good at digital marketing.

Learning Options

Option 1: Take Courses in the Entrepreneurial Digital Marketing Curriculum

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There are six classes in the core with two electives for a total of eight classes.

Type of Class Program of Learning # Modules
Prerequisite 12 Timeless Marketing Concepts You Must Know and Master 12
Core Class (1) Skill Mapping: Charting Your Career Path Into the Future 6
Core Class (2) Copywriting At Work: Creating Great Content For Different Channels 6
Core Class (3) Creating a Sustainable Business Model With a Personal Brand 6
Core Class (4) What’s Free: How To Use Publicity to Access The Media 6
Core Class (5) Video Push: Using Videos To Create Brand, Capture Leads and Generate Revenue 4
Core Class (8) Creating and Implementing Your Master Plan 1
Elective Get Found—Get Contacted: Enhance Your Linkedin Profile (Short Course) 1
Elective Using Facebook Ads To Drive Traffic and Leads 1
Elective Getting Work Through Linkedin 6
Elective Crowdfunding Essentials: What You Must Know to Raise Money 6
Elective Succeeding at Influencer Marketing (A Self-Paced Short Course) 1

Option 2: Get on the Dual Track

This leaning approach allows for more customization of the content than in the class. But the real value is the application and the focus on skill building, not just the generation of expertise.

Option 3: Customized Training and Development

Just right for individuals and organizations that want a program that is right for them.

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