The Legacee Academy Leadership Foundations Concentration

“To stand still is to move backwards.” — Ron Shandler

This program presents the foundation leadership skills one uses in a variety of contexts. But primarily, we focus on “moments of truth” between you and other people. 

It assumes that you DO NOT want to use your organizational position or authority to get compliance. So we focus on other types of leadership techniques and methods that allow you to influence, motivate and persuade

A picture of Ben Franklin. A key figure in the founding of the United States and the person whose face graces the hundred dollar bill. Franklin was a master at influence, have mastering this ability in a variety of settings. He was: a writer, a publisher, an entrepreneur (becoming independently wealthy at an early age), an inventor, a scientist, a diplomat, and of course, a revolutionary.

The Leadership Foundations Program

One cannot fish unless one knows how; just like one cannot lead without knowing the theory of leadership. It doesn’t pay to be an ignorant boss; and ultimately, being a follower isn’t much fun either.

This is the perfect program for those that:

  • Step up into supervisory roles
  • Need to excel as team leaders. 

Major Competencies:

Motivation. Let’s face it, you cannot get the behavior you want or decrease the behaviors you don’t want, without expertise in motivation. You will learn the most important behavioral theory in psychology.

Communication. Just because you have two ears, don’t mean you know how to listen. Just because you have a mouth, doesn’t mean you can communicate.

Influence. Most people inside organizations rely too much on their authority. Big mistake. Find out the types of influence you should develop if you want people to follow you.

Must know Leadership Techniques. Experience teaches us little. You will learn the basics, assess you own skill, know where you are weak and know where you are strong.

Group Dynamics. Much of your work life will be spend in a group setting, yet few of us know much about triumphs, trials and tribulations about working in a group.

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Leadership Skill Development