Skill-Based Learning: 2 Full Classes

“We are expected to know how to learn, but are never taught. We are expected to grow skills, but are never shown how.” — Murray Johannsen

Discovering Skill-Based Learning 

Sheet Music — the essential theory underlying the ability to play music they way its composer desired. Picture by neurovelho,

Even today, opinion masquerades as science and truths are really delusions. It’s important to conduct due diligence to make sure the theory you think works really works.

Good theory is relevant, practical, detailed and convertible into a behavior. For example, it’s important to understand that many commonly accepted leadership principles are very difficult to turn into actionable behavior.

Discovering Skilled Practice

The first rule of skill development is practice, practice, practice. After all, you will never get good if you just practice once.


You must practice in a correct manner or you see few gains for the effort. One must not only practice physically, but mentally to get the most from your effort. But unless you happen to be an athlete, you never learn the secrets associated with efficient practice.

Asking college students to practice something outside of class is really interesting. Some take to it like fish in the water. But others only do what’s needed for the grade. The grade is more important in their eyes then getting something they can use. Some will always try to fake it — just too lazy to practice it seems.

Skill-Based Theory: The First Phase of Skill Development

Before you practice, you must know and understand find theory that works. Such a simple truth, forgotten by many. Many theories are about what but never about how. You can read a textbook on memory and skill not understand how to make yours work better. Discover key tips on how to evaluate theory to discover the sound model needed for  building skills.

Online Course 1: Skill-Based Expertise: What You Must Know to Build Skills Faster 

This course presents many insights useful in: defining skill-based theory. Not all theory is can be turned into a skill. Discover how to tell what works and what does not.

Skilled Practice: The Second Phase of Skill Development

Practicing many hours a day does not guarantee you will get better. It depends on other factors the role of which you must understand if you are to get traction in the slippery slope of building skills.

Online Course 2: Skilled Practice: How To Boost Performance

This program presents a step-by-step format to enhance learning of complex skills. It includes a practice assignments designed to try out new skill development techniques.


Leadership Skill Development