Transformational Leadership

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Transform Yourself and Transform Others

Technically, transformational leadership is a leadership style, one useful in getting others to change. We have taken this one step further—emphasizing the importance of self-improvement and self-mastery. After all, how can you expect someone else to change if you are unwilling to do so yourself?

The Curriculum For a Concentration in Transformational Leadership

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Develop four Key Competencies by taking seven six-week classes offered over a year frame. You can take all in the series or just take individual Full Classes.

Video Description

This is a model of how, how to evolve to become a great transformational leader. This is a style that is important when it comes to change—and who doesn’t need to change? This is a leadership style that is incredibly important in both organizational change and personal transformation. 

The 4 Key Competencies of Transformational Leaders

There is a great deal of detail on each of these four below are key knowledge and skills associated with each of these.

Competency 1: The Skill of Building Skills

If you don’t know how to develop skills, you keep following further behind those that do.


2. The Transformational Mind-set

You can’t Innovate if you don’t have a transformational mind-set


 3. Self-Mastery

This is essential if you want to better use the most important asset you have — your mind.

Ability 4: Social Influence

If you know what you are doing, you can influence without authority—the Holy Grail of personal influence.


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