Digital Marketing: Going From Novice To Mastery

Image by: Junior Melo
Image by: Junior Melo

Increasing, there is a disconnect between where the jobs are and the knowledge and skills being taught in many universities. For example, Internet marketing is rarely covered in any depth in most business schools.

It’s strange, but true. American b-schools don’t offer the courses that allow students to many digital marketing jobs. I remember in one case, a business chair saying that he wanted good jobs for students; but then he went ahead but refused to offer a class on social marketing. — M. Johannsen, personal story.

This program presents you with an opportunity — for Internet marketing specialties skill-sets employees really want. See also:

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To be honest, very few employers want to spend the time and money filling out the knowledge and skill gaps that should have been provided by the b-schools.

This program provides practical knowledge backed by applying this knowledge. You get real world experience needed to land job or pass an interview.

How We Approach Learning Digital Marketing

Latviešu: Līdera funkcijas Image by:
Latviešu: Līdera funkcijas Image by:

The process has four phases to it.

  • PHASE I. Take the on-line class to get the theory.
  • PHASE II. Apply the learning during the class.
  • Phase III. If mutually agreed, perform an Internship
  • Phase IV: Define your Business Model

Phase I: Learn the Theory

Classes cost between $295 and $495. Time to complete will be between four and six weeks, except for the marketing fundamentals class which is twelve weeks.

Digital Marketing


Name of the Class Internship Available
Marketing Fundamentals
Timeless Marketing Ideas You Must Know
Crowd Sourcing
Raising Money Through Crowdfunding
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization: Enhance Your Website For the Search Engines
Social Media
Using Linkedin To Grow Your Business
Social Media
Utilizing the Campaigns Facebook
Social Media
Video Marketing Essentials
Social Media
Creating a Business Model with Personal Branding
Copywriting: Utilizing  Words With Images
Use What’s Free — How to Access the Media With Publicity
Running Effective Email Marketing Campaign Yes
Social Media
Using Linkedin To Find a Job No
Social Media
Low Cost Digital Advertising No

Phase II: The Application Phase

Image by: Matthew Bowden


There are no grades, but you must successfully apply the theory in a particular module, before going on to the next one. This works to your advantage since:

a. Employers want people who can produce results, not good grades,

Business Insider: Google HR Boss Explains Why GPA and Most Interviews are Worthless

b. Until you can apply a theory, one does not really understand it, and

c. One can use the internship as a spring board into a marketing job.

Many taking a class will have have an application of in mind. For example, we have individuals who already have a website would rather execute their strategy on their own sites or for an employer they are already working for. The same goes for entrepreneurs who would rather focus on their businesses.

If you do not have an application focus, you can work on projects we have available. 

Phase III: If Mutually Agreed, Perform An Internship

Image by lumaxart
Image by lumaxart

We are a small number of internships on U.S. digital marketing for anyone interested. These are competency-based internship based on first taking an on-line course. The work will be done over the Internet so there is not need to travel or commute to work. 

Internships are important. They give you the ability to say you know with confidence what you are talking about. Legacee interns are focused on learning how to promoting services such as:

Legacee Academy Classes

Legacee Prime Memberships

Founder Speeches

Products such as ebooks


You will also get to practice using different type so social media. These channels include:

Linkedin Corporate Brand

Linkedin Personal Brand

Phase IV — Develop Your Business Model


Prior to the end of an internship, you will want to figure out how you can make money using your the knowledge and the skills you have learned. For example, the skill learned may be part of your resume, part of your Linkedin profile, a portion of your interview, and ways to earn part-time income. 

Leadership Skill Development