Programs For Educational Partners

Dr. Marcus Gossler, Graz University Library Reading Room

We have a number of universities and training organizations that we can partner to provide skills-based training to corporate or government clients.

This is content meant to be used primarily with or in existing programs as a concentration. We can modify the content if desired. You can also use the content for level 1 or level 2 learning.

You choose the concentration desired. We provide the classes, you provide the students.

Together we define an approach to the delivery of learning that works. It starts with a fundamental Foundation Approach where we provide a concentration with Full Classes,  consisting of four to six Modules (or Short Courses). Each module in term has four major sections:

  1. A Title Section
  2. Learning Content
  3. Application and Practice
  4. For More information

See a Sample of a Module

We believe in keeping COSTS LOW and do not require textbooks and other high priced resources. Just about all required content can be found on the web.

Six Reason to Consider The Academy Approach

Reduce Your Barriers To Entry

Barriers to entry bedevil the entrepreneur for this challenges can prevent a business from getting off the ground. But educational organization also have barriers to entry when it comes to offering the set of courses required for a concentration or certificate.

Generating good online content is requires a great deal of time and money. On the cheap, you might be able to do it for 4 or 5K for a poorly basic textbook course. (sometimes called putting the syllabus online). But really high quality content takes much more time and money.

Generate Rapid Growth

On-line learning is growing 10x faster than live programs. The 21% growth rate for online enrollments far exceeds the 2% growth in the overall higher education student population. Source: Chronicle of Education

Capitalize On a Good Reputation

On a whole,the U.S. brand for education remains high compared to many countries. Many of the top universities in the world are American universities. Source: US World and News

Expand Your Service Area

Live classes mean students must be local—mostly likely within 30 minutes of the campus. Offering classes in a online format allows one to expand many times.

Focus on The Skills Employer’s What

According to research done on Business Week, the top three reasons employers have to hire new graduates are:

  • Technical competence,
  • Communication skills and
  • Leadership potential.

And according to INSEAD, communication skills are highly desired in those who receive MBA degrees.

For the past 6 years, recruiters have consistently placed communication skills at the top, or within the top 3, of their skills criteria when they look to hire new people. (GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey). The 2011 Survey shows this skill set in pole position yet again. (Source: Insead)

We grow people skills — the kind that get your students jobs and never become obsolete. 

Stand Out — Differentiate Your Brand

Top brands have no problem getting students. Unknown brands will have to work harder. For example, there are over 7,000 higher education institutions in the U.S. according to US Department of Education statistics. ALMOST ALL OF THEM OFFER A BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEGREE, as does almost every overseas university. In effect, a management degree is a COMMODITY SERVICE in which smart students should choose a vendor with the lowest possible price. By working together with Legacee, we have a way to differentiate your programs and stand out from the pack.


Advantages of Working With Legacee

Lower Upfront Costs

You will not have to invest 100 to 200K in a learning management system and add to payroll costs by hiring more IT support staff.

Quality Content

We incorporate the best theory we can find. Loading a course with good contact takes between 75 and 100 hours. Most faculty do not have the time needed to research and find good content.

Updated Content

We continually refresh the content so instructors can focus on teaching. Whenever possible, we rely on content available on the web, ebooks, electronic texts and on-line videos.

Robust Feedback Mechanisms

Student satisfaction is a priority. We use various feedback mechanisms so we get positive word of month. This in turn will lower your marketing costs.

Academically Rigorous Course Work

We want students to put in the effort. And we expect them to work for the degree or the certificate.

A Focus on Applied Learning

Lets face it, employers don’t want to hire theory wonks. They want employees who can make things happen. Unlike many university leadership development programs, we focus on application. Courses include practical assignments and exercises designed to build skills.

Internet Marketing Support

If needed, you access to extensive in-house Internet marketing expertise. We can train your staff in what they need to know to better market the programs.

Quality Faculty

We can offer short “charm schools” for instructors who are not familiar with educational technology or on-line pedagogy (or more accurately, androgyny). We can also provide instructors.

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Leadership Skill Development