Making Referrals Through The Friends Network

Opportunity can be found when least expected, as the following story illustrates:


One day a young girl visited a farm to buy a large watermelon.

“That’s three dollars,” said the farmer.

“I’ve only got 30 cents,” said the young girl.

The farmer pointed to a very small watermelon in the field and said, “How about that one?”

“Okay, I’ll take it,” said the little girl. “But leave it on the vine. I’ll be back for it in a month.

For Live Services (Training and Coaching)

We wish to offer you the opportunity to earn income by helping us offer services to others and to say thanks to the people who refer us leads. A summary of this approach is offered below:

  • No referral limits
  • Free membership
  • Receive periodic program updates
  • How to Earn Business Commissions

You can receive 5% or 10% commissions on the Net for referrals that result in business.

5% Net Commissions

Five percent commissions are available for telephone or e-mail referrals. Once the introduction is made, a Legacee member will follow-up with the person referred.

10% Net Commissions

For Individuals Within Southern California

To earn a ten percent commission requires setting up a face-to-face meeting with a potential client, yourself and a Legacee member. This requires a little more work since one would have to explain Legacee services; potentially sending marketing material or info from the web site. Generally, speaking, it’s best to contact a Legacee member prior to setting up a meeting for any required background information.

For Individuals Outside of Southern California

In this case, a face to face meeting between the parties can be extremely difficult to set-up. In such cases, you can arrange a conference call or virtual meeting.

For Online Classes

If it is an online program such as a Short Course or Full Class you can get that program for free if the referred person signs up. 

How To Join

There is no cost to join. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact this organization (send an e-mail saying you wish to belong).
  2. Review background information provided
  3. Contact a Legacee member if have questions
  4. Agree to join

At the time the referral is made or prior to referring someone, please request our Referral Agreement. It’s very important that the agreement be completed since we cannot pay referral income on introductions until this document is completed.

Leadership Skill Development